Vi Ma

AACC President

Founder and President, Global Diversity Marketing Network, LLC

Born in Saigon, Vietnam, Vi Ma, her mother and four brothers came to the United States to reunite with her dad (a former lieutenant) in 1982. Orlando, FL has been her home for 39 years. After graduating from Evans High School, Vi completed two years of college but needed to assist her family so she focused on her business career and began in telecommunications where she spent seven years serving in various roles.  In September 2003, Vi started a new venture in hospitality, specifically in the restaurant industry with Darden where she had enjoyed a progressive and growing career for nine years.

Vi is currently Founder and President of Global Diversity Marketing Network, LLC. – a company that specializes in strengthening business markets and global perspectives through the integration of multicultural strategies.

As an active member on multiple non-profit boards, such as the Asian American Chamber of Commerce in Central Florida, Vi brings her devoted work ethic and broad vision to all her community endeavors. Through these and other involvements, Vi is able to maximize her management experience and further develop her leadership skills.

Vi is also currently President of Long Van Temple, a Vietnamese American Buddhist Temple in Central Florida.  It was the first Temple in Orlando, FL established in 1981 and today has over 170 members.

Unfortunately, both Vi’s parents have passed, her father in 2017 and mother in 2018.  She has followed in her parents’ footsteps and enjoys being deeply involved in the community, especially in the Vietnamese American community.  Vi is happily married to her husband, Kevin Stolz, for 20 years, and has a 16 year old son, Zachary. They reside in Orlando, FL where she enjoys community work and charity events, and where she is often accompanied by Zachary since he was 4 years old.